Saturday, February 15, 2014

Best Places To Trade iTunes Gift Card

iTunes Gift Cards are an amazing thing for those who love to shop at iTunes or Apple Stores. You can redeem your card for music, clips, ebooks or movies etc. So those who get these cards as gift can shop without spending absolutely any money. However, there are some who like to use their cards for their own benefit and those who are not a huge fan of iTunes Gift Cards, but still receive them from friends and family. For such people there does exist a solution – trade your cards for something that you really want. You can actually trade your iTunes Gift Cards for non-Apple items; however the major problem is that not many know where and how they can make the trade. There is always issues of becoming a victim of some online scam where either you find yourself card less without gaining anything in exchange or you end up giving out your credit card information to wrong people.

To help you out here are a few tips that can allow you to trade your iTunes Gift Cards for items that you need or cash.

Trade iTunes cards for other gift cards
There are many websites that offer you the platform to trade your unwanted iTunes Gift Cards for other gift cards. You can Google these websites and find the one that offers the cards you need. However, you must know that these websites are not easy to find and if you do find them they can very well turn out to be fake; therefore, you have to be absolutely sure about the website’s authenticity before you exchange any information with it.

These sites will take your cards in two ways;

  •          You can exchange your card for another card of same value
  •          You can sell your card and buy another one of the same value

These websites act as secondary sellers, so remember sometimes these websites don’t buy your card at full price; you might have to sell the card for a little less than its actual prices; for example a $100 iTunes Gift Card might be sold for $95; this allows the website to keep its own profit margin.

You can look for websites such as, and etc.

Find friends who need them
You can also trade your iTunes Gift Cards with your friends. If they have anything you need or are in possession of other gift cards then you can always trade your card for theirs.

Join forums
You can also look for gift card forums where people are trading all types of gift cards. There is a great chance that you will come across someone who needs iTunes Gift Cards. You can either exchange your card for money or some other gift card or item that you need. However, be very careful when you exchange any information with other forum members. It is best to look for a member who lives in your area so you can meet at some common crowded place and make the trade; always avoid giving out your personal information to strangers.

Friday, February 14, 2014

All About The iTunes Gift Card and How To Redeem It

This is how to redeem your purchased iTunes card. As you'll see it's pretty simple and straightforward. So once you have your iTunes card, you'll be downloading all the stuff you want at the iTunes store in no time.

What is an iTunes gift card?
An iTunes gift card is a card you can purchase at most stores. It is used to make purchases in the iTunes store online without using a credit card. There is a code on the back of the card you can enter on the iTunes store online. This code will represent the amount credited to your card and it will be transferred to your iTunes account. The number of songs, games, movies, etc. you can download depends on the amount you have credited in your account. Any purchase you make will automatically be deducted from your credit. This is a great way to purchase stuff at the store if you don't have a credit card.

How do you redeem an iTunes gift card that's been generated for free using Free iTunes Codes Generator Pro?
There are two methods, firstly through a computer and secondly, through a handheld device. 

First method: Through a computer:
Create an iTunes account then go to the iTunes store. Press the iTunes store button. It is located on the Navigation Bar on the left side of the screen. Download iTunes from their website. It's free and the download instructions are simple to follow.
Once you're at the iTunes store, sign in with your Apple ID and password.
Go to the iTunes store page and select the redeem option. You can do this in two ways. The first way is directly at the iTunes store page. “Redeem” is under the “Quick Links heading,” and next to “Account.” Once you find it, simply click on it. The second way is byt clicking your email on the toolbar. Doing this will bring up the following options: “Account,” ”Redeem,” “Wish List,” and “Sign Out.” Simply click the “Redeem” option.
The Redeem Code option will pop up and a box will appear. Scratch the grey box off your card to reveal your code. Then enter the code on the box that appeared below the Redeem Code option. The code represents how much your card is worth and this amount will be credited to your account.
When this is all done, you can start shopping for your tunes, games, audiobooks, TV shows, or movies available at the iTunes store.

Second method: Through a handheld device:
Create an account. Open up the iTunes app on your device. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and if you're not signed in yet, you will be asked to do so. The “Redeem” option is beside the “Send Gift” option, when you are signed in.
Tap the “Redeem” option.  Scratch the grey box off your card to reveal your code. Then enter the code in the text box. Once you've entered the code tap “Redeem” again. Your new account balance will then be displayed. Just as with the computer, you can start shopping for your tunes, games, audiobooks, TV shows, or movies available at the iTunes store.